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Computer science

Our work is driven by machine learning algorithms and Big Data analytics.


Our main research areas include NGS sequencing, functional genetics and population structure.


We publish papers, speak on conferences, teach courses at University and guide students.


We provide consultancy to address bioinformatics needs and research questions for medical institions.

Our projects

We like to work in the intersection of Big Data/Machine Learning technology and modern genomics research. We translate problems from the small world of genes to machine understandable issues. Some of our projects include:

Our team

Meet our team of highly-motivated and skilled researchers...

Tomek Gambin

Head of Research

Marek Wiewiórka

Head of Technology

Agnieszka Szmurlo


Wiktor Kuśmirek



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Our recent posts

Check out our blog where we share our ideas and present interesting (at least for us) ideas. Please feel free to comment and ask any question - discussion is warmly welcome.

March 21, 2019

Short update on our research

What comes out of tequila & SQL?

December 10, 2018

Reference set selection for CNV detection

Clustering helps in CNVs detection

January 25, 2018

First MinION experiment - Pichia fermentans

We have done NGS experiment on Pichia fermentans with... moderate success.

Our partners

We cooperate with research institutions and universities and privately-held industries. Our partners include: